How much paint should I buy?

When a brush and when a roller should be used for painting?

Generally, it is faster and easier to work with a roller on wide surfaces (walls) .

What are the tips for deciding on the correct paint by trying it on the wall?

It should be applied on an area of at least 1 m2 in order to decide more accurately for the color of the place to be painted.

How should the wall be prepared for painting?

Preliminary surface preparation is very important for achieving the best results from the application.


What is the best exterior wall paint; acrylic or alkyd?

Acrylic finishing is the best option in order to prevent color loss and provide flexibility.

What is enamel?

It is the water or oil based, stainproof and washable finishing application material, which forms a smooth and hard surface. Although it is very glossy in general , there are also matt ones optionally.

What is negative water pressure?

It is the moisture forming in case adequate isolation is not applied against the water penetration from the soil, roof or surrounding. The moisture between the plaster-wall causes bubbling, peeling and mold-bacteria formation on the surfaces after a certain time.

What should be taken into consideration while painting the metal surfaces?

Metal surfaces get into reaction with the oxygen in the air and corrode after a while as a result of oxidation-reduction reaction. As a result of this reaction which is called rusting the paint film falls into pieces. In order to avoid this, the anti-corroding primer should be applied as 2 coats on such metal surfaces in order to break the contact with oxygen. Afterwards, finishing synthetic paint should be applied on the surface with primer. Synthetic painting is not applied to galvanize, aluminum and copper surfaces; adhesion problems occur if it is applied.